Purchased vehicle through USAA car buying service, now victim of consumer fraud.

I used USAA car buying service to locate the exact vehicle I wanted. I printed out all the paperwork needed so the preferred dealer would honor the USAA "deal" as well using a loan through USAA. I purchased the vehicle in confidence. Well, I am now in a battle of consumer fraud with this dealership, as well as feeling like an idiot and upside almost $10,000 I have lost all interest in USAA, below is my story: 


On 06/03/2016, I purchased a 2013 BMW X1 (VIN xxxxxxxxxxxx90020) from Off Lease Only at 3531 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, Florida, 33054 for $25,604.43. The car was sold to me as having one minor accident from the previous owner, this was shown to be by the dealer using Carfax, as well as the carfax I obtained through USAA services. They assured that the vehicle had no further issues than what was listed on the Carfax. On 12/6/2016 I went to Carmax to trade in the BMW X1, only to find out that the vehicle was listed as having structural damage on Autocheck, thus Carmax would not offer anything over $15,000. The date of the structural damage was report on 01/19/2016 while at auction with mileage being noted as 33,186. The purchaser of the vehicle at auction was Off Lease Only. The vehicle was then sold to me months later, mileage 33,230. This shows that the dealer was well aware of the structural damage at time of purchase from auction, then sold the vehicle with out the mention of the damage to the buyer. This appears to violate Florida State Statute 501.976 (5) . All needed documents can be provided upon request to validate this complaint. Overall I am truly upset, I put a lot of confidence in USAA only to be let down.



Armyvet01, Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns. I'll be glad to escalate your situation further. Please be assured you will be contacted once we've had an opportunity to review this matter further. We appreciate your time and thank you in advance for allowing us to look into this matter. - Tricia

~Follow up~

Thank you for your assistance in rectifying the issue. With the help of USAA and their car buying service, the dealership was more than willing to correct the issue. I am no longer owner of that vehicle, and did not suffer significant financial loss as originally stated.