USSA sure dropped the ball on this one.  I usually tell everyone how great that USSA is to work with but after this I'm not sure.  We are  not mind readers.  Why would they  think that we would know the new NC requirement?  Like a previous person posted, I received a letter threatening to drop my insurance.  Is there an explanation? NO!  Do they give examples of the documentation needed?  NO!  My insurance does not renew until March, but the letter makes it sound like they are dropping me tomorrow.  So I'm not even sure if my policy would continue or not if I don't get this information in a certain amount of time.  When I did figure out what was needed, I uploaded my document, but it also says Proof of residency form.  I'm not sure if this is a different form or not.  Does anyone know if there is more explanation on their website.  I'm sure there will be many people who get stuck with no insurance because of this horrible written letter which actually gives you no information.


Hi, Judy18! Sorry to hear the process to comply with the new North Carolina proof of residency requirement has not been a clear one. I have escalated your concerns so that we may address them and assist with getting this done. Once a subject matter expert has reviewed your situation, they will reach out to provide assistance. Thank you! -Cynthia