Before my automobile accident almost 3 weeks ago I was really a huge fan of USAA. But I think in the end they are really more concerned with their bottom line than with people. . I’m a USAA member but the person who rear ended me and caused minor injuries is USAA as well and I feel like they are slow rolling me hoping that I’ll just use my medical payments on my insurance policy instead of filing a bodily injury claim because it would save USAA money in the long run.. I lost four days of work because of this craziness and they are really making me contemplate switching homeowners and Auto insurance. The adjuster for the other persons claim which is supposed to handle all of my claims does not return my phone calls, does not return any of my emails, and I’ve talked to her all of two times in almost three weeks. I really think they are hoping I’ll just say oh you know what just use my coverage for my medical payments so they’ll not have to compensate me for my lost days of work etc. I am not the type of person who wants to run out and get a lawyer but if this doesn’t get rolling quicker I just might.


You have found out what I have recently learned after being with USAA for 28 years.    USAA cannot be trusted to act in good faith and with your best interest in mind when they insure both vehicles in a wreck.  They do not handle the conflict of interest very well.   There are at least 2 other claims with similar issues covered in this community just in the last 2 weeks.  No telling what we would find if we started looking nationally for these types of issued with USAA.