Privately selling a car financed through USAA

The question I have today is has anyone sold a car privately that they have financed through USAA? I have a buyer from out of state who is interested in paying cash, however in my state since the car is financed, I do not hold the title. Does anyone know how I can sell the buyer this car and be able to get the title to him that day?




Ok - same - sane most States! I'm in VA and had an lien on daughters car in MD. I went online or maybe your state in person and did a vehicle transfer. Now, you have to pay the vehicle off and USAA automatically will release the title through most states automated system. All of that is the good news, in my situation bad news came in the midle if the process someone Hurd my daughter and totals the car. Good news is USAA covered it thru that process as well. In review, take the mans cash, give home the car with tags, keep the car insured, send payoff amount to USAA, title will come in a few days, pass to buyer and have him turn in your tags or in VA you can pick a date they go dead. Hope this helps!


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