I advise against buying a vehicle from this dealer. They did not provide honest service. The mileage when I purchased the car did not match the paperwork. They said they would change it and they never did.I paid for for the plates to be transferred. They put unregistered plates on my vehicle. I was told that if anything occurred in with the plates that they would take care of it. The The car ended up getting towed .Because of unregistered plates. They did not cooperate in resolving anything with what happen with the vehicle. I put customers at a disadvantage. They are basically have no honor.
They never responded to any of my phone calls. I only ended up going to the dealer because of the car buying service through USAA. They are no better than horse thieves. Please be very careful with any dealer that is on the car buying service.
Just because the certified doesn't mean that they're honest. My issue has still not been resolved.
I am probably just going to have to eat it. Please do not make the same mistake I did.
Stay away from the crooks at this dealer. Pictures of soldiers on the wall to lure you in.
Sounds like Hantzel and Gretel. Except children are not held accountable for finance.
They are a bunch of scumbags. When I think of this dealership, I think of pus.
That should tell you something. This is not an opinion, this happen to me.
They should've never made this dealership. I contacted Subaru corporate, they did nothing.
They are in bed with the dealers. Customers come dead last. Money and profits come first.
And when I think of this dealership I think about backpedaling. Call after ,call after call.
They even went to the extent to say I never call them and phone records show the opposite of that.
Do not let this happen to you ,please. If anybody recommend this dealership,
Listen to the Robert Dinero voice in your head :"walk away!,walk away! "


It is with a heavy heart that I read these absolute lies about our dealership.  This customer wanted to perform everything about this transaction his way.  Although we always try to exceed our customer's expectations, we will not break the law for anyone.  This customer had us process his registration and then decided, on his own and against our recommenadtions, to put his own plate on his car.  This plate had no association with this auto and is illegal to do this.  We would NEVER put an illegal plate on ANYONES car and to accuse us of this is outrageous.  I wish we did have "pictures of ServiceMen" on our walls but we don't.  Just more lies that don't even make sense.


This post is blasphemous and Mr Larry should be assamed.  Anyone who knows the players here knows who to believe.  It's unfortunate that it's come to name calling and we refuse to participate on that level.


Best of luck.  


We support our troops, have a great relationship with USAA as a service provider, are AAA recommended and A+ rated by the BBB.


Enough said.