We have been members of USAA for many years and until now, never had an issue.  But now, its very troublesome.  I applied and was approved for a loan - my credit application showed a credit score of 790, annual income of over 7 figures, liquid assets well into the 8 figures, no bankrupcies, no failure ever  to meet payment obligations, many years of having a USAA credit card always paid on time, USAA auto insurance, again always paid current... and so on.  All was documenbted in literally hundreds of pages of requested detail.  In response  I was told that because i had gotten a new credit card within the last two years - one, by the way,  where chase effectively paid me $1500 to get their card - , that I was not eligible for the discounted loan rate because even though I was purchsing through the USAA car service, i didn't have a 2 year payment history on the new card   (On Amex, i have a 45 yr payment history as well as a long one from you)    If I don't qualify for the preferred 1.99% rate, I wonder who, if anyone does? Does it mean everyone with a new credit card can't get a good loan rate?   And in lieu of  providing the preferred rate, I was offered a rate which was 3/4% higher than I can get at my local bank.  So is the advertising of the preferred rate a "bait and switch" or did someone screw up in processing my applications.  And by the way I'm not permitted to talk with underwriting, only with CS who stands as an intermediary - I'm also told that the "system" gave the answser and the system is the final authorityy, whatever that means.  


ths, one of our top priorities is providing exceptional service and products to our members. It is never our intent for our members to have an experience like the one you've described. Your concerns are important to us and we will engage the appropriate area to review this matter further. A follow up will be made as soon as this matter is reviewed. Thank you. - Rhonda

Rhonda, I appreciate your response.  When should I expect to hear from some one.  

ths, thank you for your reply. We appreciate your continued patience as this may take a bit to review and ensure the correct actions are taken. We will reach out to you soon regarding this matter. Thank you, Jen

I had a very constructinve and positive conversation with a CUstomer Service rep who called me yesterday and everything was resolved to our mutual satisfaction.  I appreciate the follow up and all positive impresions of USAA over the years have been very much reenforced.



ths, this is what it is all about! We want you to always know and feel that we care and want you to be happy!! Thank you for the feedback! We will certainly pass that along! Have a great one, Jen

It's only bait and switch is you accept their lone.

I too had a similar problem getting their best rate, my my credit score was slightly better than yours and had about 1Mil invested with USAA, a mortgage that was over 50% paid off, zero balance on USAA's credit card.
Had a shouting match with USAA's representative. Threat of moving all assets from USAA seemed to do the trick but, why should any member have to threaten to leave USAA to get the rates they advertise?
Forgot to mention, I'm a 42-year member. Won't make 43-years, just too many bad things happening at USAA.

7 figure income means $1,000,000 + a year. ($1 Million plus)

8 Figure liquid means $10,000,000 ($10+ Million plus).


So I am baffled on why you'd get a car loan?  I'm glad you got it sorted out, but I can't for the life of me fathom having an ounce of debt if I had over $10 Million in the bank. Especially debt on a fast depreciating item like a car.


Again, Congrats on sorting it out.