I was pre-approved for an auto loan but my state went on lock down due to COVID which put an axe on my vehicle purchase plans.   My pre approved loan expires in a few days but i need more time.   I called USAA to request an extention but alas, my dates are locked in.    I'm disappointed, but I'll get over it.   I just wanted to know if the time alotment is an arbitrary time USAA makes or is it a point of law?   Thanks to anyone who can help answer this.   Have a good one!  


Hello @Seasick00, I am very sorry to hear that your car purchase is delayed. For specific loan questions you will have to call and speak to our loan department. I do apologize that we do not handle these questions in this forum. I will forward your feedback regarding your issue at hand. -Colleen

WHat I can tell you is my experience with a pre approved boat loan which may be different. I was approved for a certain amount which was pretty much what I needed. Due to a trailer title document issue, we were going to go past the loan expiration date. I called and they said to just apply again and since we have all your documentation it should be a smoothe process. Well, NOT at all! Since the COVID-19 outbreak, USAA has changed the maximum amount they will lend for a boat to 35K and on top of that, when I went to apply, I was no longer approved. Nothing changed in my credit and I was denied for a much lower amount. I dont know whats going on with USAA but I am extremely disappointed. 

Just my 2 cents!