I applied for refinancing with USAA. Got a much better rate than my original loan so THANK YOU for that! I'm really looking forward to have that extra money back in my pocket to pay some things off a little quicker and get that snowball rolling.


The only thing is I did click "Yes" when the application asked "Will a Power of Attorney be used?".

Now that I have been approved I need to fill out the Power of Attorney.


I'm a little ignorant on how to do so because after filling out my information it asks for my "Attorney In Fact" information. I don't know if I'm supposed to use USAA's contact information and if so what would that be? 


On the other end, if the POA is for people who cannot do something due to handicap or something that is not me. 


Do I need the Power of Attorney to finish my refinancing of my car? The original loan is not with USAA. 

If I do need it, can you help me know what to do?


TopGunMaverick21, happy to hear we were able to give you a better rate on your loan. I'm sure having that extra cash will help you with your goals. I understand you have questions regarding the Power of Attorney. For immediate assistance please contact us at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you. - Rhonda