I can't seem to post the pictures as required by the USAA Car sale site.  Pictures of car are below the maximum size but I receive the "check size" message. 


Once you choose your desired options/layout, they always say your exact vehicle that you built may not be available. I think it's more to protect them in case your desired vehicle is either not available, or you did like myself and got very specific! Good news is, once you build your car, all of that info is forwarded to an authorized dealer. They will call of course, and let you know if what your looking for even exists. I wouldn't stress about it though, because the price is guaranteed, and the certainly don't want to lose any USAA business, they will either find your exact match, or go even better, and upgrade. Not only did I get premium features I honestly didn't even care for, they still threw it all in the quoted USAA guaranteed pricing, as they are not allowed to quote higher. They even had to ship my car from north Carolina, I knew what I wanted! I would say long story short, but I think the short was surpassed some time ago lol what I'm trying to say is, I was so impressed with the overall experience, there was zero haggling as USAA set the price, but I did of course had to add in a few things, at no extra charge to myself! I will never shop for a vehicle without their amazing program. And besides, the worst that could happen would be then getting you to the dealership to find out they never had the car you wanted, or just completely disregard the price USAA guarantees as the purchase price. If that does happen (I have yet to hear of any issues going this route) then simply walk out, call USAA, and they will immediately so them from their recommended/preferred dealer list. It's really worth it, I paid WELL under msrp not counting all the extras added. Hope this helps!


I'm sorry for the trouble you are having trying to post the pictures to the Car Buying Service. Please reach out to our Customer Website Support team for assistance at 877-632-3002. A specialist can look into the problem you are encountering. Thank you for your post in Community.