I am very disappointed in the decline of customer service over the years. I frequently travel overseas for work and often change my car insurance policy, usually this is no problem and when I call to change I also receive a pleasant, cheerful conversation with helpful representatives. This was not the case tonight. Michelle answered my call and seemed annoyed at the start that I did not know my policy number (I’ve always just used my ssn and phone pin). She asked me what my annual mileage was and I was a bit thrown, as I have never been asked this in the 6 years I’ve been a usaa member and I have not been in the country, let alone driving my car for well over a year. She did end up changing my policy as I had asked but I am very surprised at her attitude. Perhaps I just caught her on an off day but I am a bit disappointed after my wonderful past experiences with customer representatives.


@Cait88, this is not the type of experience we want our members to have and should not be expected. Please accept my apologies for the service received and be assured I will share your feedback with our leadership team. I'm thankful to hear your policy change was taken care of. If you need anything further please let us know. Thank you for your membership. - Rhonda