Poor claims service/lack of insurance advisor

When calling to report hail damage claim, I asked the process and if USAA could recommend a repair shop. They said they couldn’t recommend a repair shop and that we could take it to any shop. We went to get the estimate from an adjuster USAA has given us. The adjuster also told us we could take our car to any repair shop and couldn’t recommend any place. My husband called USAA again to ask about the process of payment if we decided to get our glass repaired now, since it would take some time to get the car into any shop for the body damage repairs. Still, USAA failed to mention they had “preferred” repair shops to take our car to. Now, we are dealing with poor service and quality of work (we went to pick the car up once and their were still unrepaired damage, and I just got the car back and found bumps and rough patches in paint) from the repair shop and USAA manager, Michelle Leavitt, tells me it’s between me and the repair shop, that USAA wouldn’t help us, because we didn’t take the car to one of their “preferred” repair shops. She said that when I initially called to file the claim (when I first asked for a recommend repair shop) that that on the initial claim call their staff could only advise on the process for getting the estimate and are not able to recommend “preferred” repair shops. Why wouldn’t they tell me that during that initial conversation, instead of telling me that I could take my car to any repair shop. (Not that her explanation makes any sense at all!!!) Then I tell Michelle that their adjuster they sent me to told us they couldn’t recommend a repair shop and I could take the car to any shop. Michelle told me the adjuster was a contractor and not a affiliate of USAA. She then said when my husband called USAA to ask about the payment process would be, if we were to get the glass repaired by Safelite and while waiting to get the car into a repair shop for the body repairs, she said my husband should have asked for a recommendation on repair shops then. So although we were told twice that they couldn’t recommend a place, we should have been psychics and know that asking the same question the 3rd time would have provided us a different response??!! We are not the experts on this process at all. This is part of the reason we pay for auto insurance; For them to provide good advise on the process and place to take our car. They failed to advise us properly and Michelle Leavitt chose to put the blame on my husband and I then to accept USAA dropped the ball on advising us that they had “preferred” repair shops. Basically telling me it’s my problem to deal with the repair shop or I could pay out of my own pocket to take it somewhere else. USAA paid $20,000 for the hail repairs and yet they could care less if the repairs were done properly. Or if the repair shop committed insurance fraud at all! I’m not only a veteran but an active duty spouse. This is how USAA treats it’s mem. If I have to get legal representation in this matter, the lack of USAA to properly advise us will be included.