Wife was driving our vehicle in FEB 2015 when she was hit on the front passenger side by another USAA Member. Authorized the vehicle to be taken to one of the USAA network body shops for repairs. They repaired what they could and replaced others. They tried to repair the engine as well but on the ride home after receiving the vehicle back, my wife and I noticed the engine knocking and the vehicle was shaking. Sensors lit up my dashboard like a Christmas tree. I called the repair facility and they agreed to look at it again. When i took it in, the fools actually tried convincing me that the engine knocking and shaking was a common occurance for the type of vehicle I had (stiffling vomit). When I said I wanted a second opinion, and wanted it taken to the dealership to see what they said, the repair facility drove the vehicle over. The dealership said that it was not common but agreed to help a Soldier out and cover an engine replacement under warranty. The repair facility authorized the work without even consulting me. When i heard of this I contacted USAA to find out how that would work with guaranteed coverage and I was told that if the engine ever was damaged or faulty that I would have to take it up with the dealership now (great!). Take my vehicle and ship it a couple of weeks later to my new duty station. Fast forward a month and I am at my new duty location in Hawaii and my steering wheel gradually begins to turn upside down. Call USAA up because their approved repair shop obviously didn't tighten the steering linkage appropriately after they replaced the front end. Also notice that my horn sticks. USAA tried to tell me that they do not have liability as the other party was at fault. When I remind them that the other insurance party is also USAA, they change their tune and have one of their "damage experts" tell me that the issues are not attributed to the accident. Now, I am not sure how someone would replace nearly the entire front end of a vehicle and never touch the steering linkage, so I must need to be re-educated on how basic mechanics work. Also was pretty sure that my wife laid on the horn pretty hard as the other driver came barreling towards her and she slammed into the steering wheel as the airbag didn't deploy (the airbags were later recalled). So I fixed the linkage the best that I could and still have a sticking horn, but otherwise move on with my life. Fastfoward another PCS to Bragg and within a couple weeks of getting there, my radiator blows. That's funny... the radiator is only a few years old, so there should be no way that it blew already. Get a tow and take it to a shop. The mechanic makes the repair and when I go to pick it up mentions that with the damage to the bottom of it, it's a wonder that it lasted for as long as it did. Peculiar. I was the sole driver of the vehicle the entire time in Hawaii and it was garage kept... How could there be damage to a radiator that was replaced when there were no additional incidents? The mechanic has one of his guys bring the radiator to show me the damage and I am amazed to see the bottom of the radiator is caved in. He goes on to explain that the force required to cause that kind of damage would undoubtedly transfer to the bolts and housing that attaches the radiator to the body of the engine compartment. And where did the pressure in my radiator blow? The bolt housing! I thank the guy, take some photos, and grab my receipt. I go home and look at the repair documents from the accident thinking that there is no way that USAA field agents would allow for the repair of a radiator involved in that kind of collision. Boy was I wrong. Right there in black and white, the radiator was repaired. While everything around it was replaced (exception was the engine and look how that turned out), the radiator was repaired. I contact USAA and ask that they reopen my claim so that I can submit the pictures and documentation which they do. They then proceed to tell me that the claim is closed as the other party was at fault (I swear, Bill Murray didn't have it this bad in Groundhog's Day). I remind them that the other party was also a member and they resubmit my request. Only today do I recieve a message from their "damage expert" claiming that the damage is obviously new and will not be covered under the 2015 claim. Now I am not the smartest guy in the world, but I just can't accept the fact that a supposedly pristine radiator take that kind of damage without the there being any additional damage to the vehicle. <br><br>USAA, what is going on? How can you claim so fervently to care for us Servicemembers but continuously turn your noses up and treat us like we are asking for handouts? Why can your staff not exercise the most basic critical thinking skills? <br><br>I would love to speak with someone who actually has the authority to use the muscle between their ears and work towards resolution here.


Hi @MFrost, Thank you for providing feedback regarding your claim and we can certainly have someone follow up with you regarding the decision not to cover the damage you mentioned in the post. Please allow 1-2 business days for a manager to follow up with you regarding your concerns. Thank you.

Sorry to hear your story, but I understand. I was backing into a parking spot after signaling and waiting a few minutes for the current occupant to depart. Some other jerk decides to race into the same spot before me and hits the car parked next to my empty spot and then collide with me receiver hitch and ripped open his passenger side door panel. I call to report it and am told it was not my fault, then days later I’m told it’s my fault because I “was in reverse” and that’s USAA’s policy. Apparently, the guy who hit me jumped on this goldmine and sued me for $200,000 after USAA refused him his golden claim. Thanks USAA!

Hello and thank you for providing feedback regarding your concern. I will make sure to forward the feedback you shared to our claims department to follow-up and answer any questions you may have regarding the resolution for the claim that was filed against you. Thanks.