I returned home from an 80 day deployment on November 18th. My vehicle was parked on base during the deployment. After driving my vehicle for about 2 hours my brakes failed due to corroded brake lines and I broke a piston rod. Knowing that this base has a history of flooding I filed a claim on November 19th. I was told someone would be out to inspect my vehicle within 48 hours. My claim hadn't been assigned to anyone 7 days after I filed it. The only reason it was assigned to someone on that 7th day was because I called for an update and the lady I spoke with assigned it to herself. It was 8 days after I filed the claim before someone arrived to inspect my vehicle. I didn't recieve a claim decision until December 4th. Throughout the entire process USAA did not contact me once. Every time I wanted an update I had to call them. They denied my claim of course. They said there wasn't enough evidence that flooding caused the issues. Although in the denial letter it says, "Air intake is dry but appears to possibly have been wet at some point" and "Break lines were leaking causing the reservoir to be empty. Possibly caused by corrosion from the water". So even though they denied my claim, the only statements on the letter talk about evidence of water damage. When I spoke to the investigator he also said he saw evidence of water in my air intake. Of course the water isn't going to be there anymore because it took them 8 days to look at it. Most likely it evaporated. When I spoke to the man who signed my denial letter he didn't seem to know anything about my case. He just kept reading the letter to me. I asked to speak with management to better explain their decision. He said he would put the request in the system and I would hear from someone within 24 hours. This was 3 days ago and still no call. Currently between myself and my wife we have 2 checking accounts, 2 savings accounts, 2 credit cards, auto insurance, life insurance, renters insurance, home owners insurance, 2 auto loans and a personal loan. Over the next year it is my mission to completely cut ties with USAA. After reading the thousands of complaints simular to mine it is apparent they do not care about the customer. It's sad because I have been with them for so long and they were once a great organization. I am sure this will get lost in the shuffle but at least I got to vent.


@Lion1978, thank you for taking a moment to reflect and share your recent claim service experience.  I am sorry that upon your return home from deployment, you were greeted with the task of dealing with an inoperable vehicle. I also would like to apologize for the apparent lack of customer service extended in the handling of your claim.  My goal is to help break through the red tape you have experienced in getting a reasonable explanation for the denial of your claim.  I realize you have been waiting several days for a callback from management.  In escalating your concerns that you brought to my attention today, I do have to disclose that there is a minimum one business day response time for a manager to handle your callback request.  I along with my colleagues here in social will continue to monitor the escalation till completed. - Ina