Just recieved a call from Creative Consumer 281-240-9646.  They called me by name but used my Navy Rank from 1973.  Wanted to update my auto insurance. Not being the kind that believes these calls, did a quick search and found way to many scam reports for them.  Nothing I could find on USAA's site shows this to be a legit company.  Maybe someone from USAA can verify this before I get the next call and go RUDE on the caller


Hello SanJoseMan, thank you for reaching out regarding your concern with Creative Consumer. I can see that this is important to you. Creative Consumer Research does reach out to members on behalf of USAA to conduct overall member satisfaction surveys. I appreciate your concern, and hope this clears up any confusion the call may have caused. ~ Samantha

USAA usually mails out a letter informing us if one of their partners will be calling to verify auto insurance information. I get the call about 2-3 months before my renewal comes up. I only get it once a year though. Even then--I don't give them anything. I'll just call USAA's Insurance Dept and give it to them--especially if you don't know for sure.

Hi USAF_Ret! Creative Consumer Research is not intended to verify insurance. It is more to conduct surveys regarding membership satisfaction with USAA. ~ Samantha

I for one do not like USAA using third-party to conduct Customer Satisfaction surveys.  I don't know how long it has been, years for sure, every time I call USAA I am asked if I want to stay on the line and provide feedback.  Each time I say no, and yet I'm asked over and over.  My suggestion is if USAA members want to opt-in to a call from Creative Consumer Research, great - otherwise USAA should spend its money somewhere else.

@segmich, thank you for your feedback regarding the surveys. I apologize the surveys are given out randomly and we not not have a way to stop them at the end of the call. You can continue to opt out when asked about taking one. Please feel free to submit your feedback here or when on the phone with us if you do wish to provide any. I have submitted your suggestion of opting out, possibly based on phone number. We're constatnly reviewing feedback and look for ways to improve your experience. Thank you! -Lori