Paying deductible for an auto accident that was not my fault?

We were hit by another driver who is also insured by USAA, and the accident was not our fault. We were in stop and go traffic and the other driver came from behind and rammed into the right side of our car leaving considerable damage. Now USAA is telling us that we have to pay our $1,000 deductible? This isn't right USAA! I have been a member for more than 30 years with very few minor claims, and this is how you treat me? I expect more from this company. I am reaching out here in hopes that a voice of reason will prevail. 


@USNA'89 Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your claims concerns. I have escalated this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days. 

I just had the exact situation happen to me two weeks ago and have been fighting it too.  I commented on this site about this same issue but it seems my comments are gone now.  I am starting to see this as a practice of USAA.  I wonder if we looked, how many people we would find that have had this happen to them?  When both parties have USAA, USAA has a conflict of interest and cannot be trusted to act in good faith.  They are supposed to act in your best interest as your insurance but they do not seem capable of doing so.  I have been with them for 28 years and I too feel the same betrayal.

Welcome to Stuart Parker's USAA.  He needs to resign.

Hi @Arkansas RPh 

Thank you for taking time to post here in community. You can find your additional posts in your profile (your profile will list all of your community submissions). I can see that your concerns have been escalated and you will be contacted soon. Thank you.