My husband and I have been members for more than 16 years. USAA has not once failed us. Yesterday, this relationship was further solidified when Mo stayed on the phone with me while at a dealership for about an hour talking me through a frustrating transaction. He was patient, informative, friendly for way longer than he had to be. I've read some of the stories out here of some not so good experiences, while I hate to see that some are not happy, I can honestly say USAA has never failed my family. At this point, I am loyal to this organization until I am no longer breathing. The consistency I get with USAA helps me at the dealership when they try to get us to finance with them as they did yesterday. They wanted us to completely remove USAA. Those instances that we have said let's see if the dealer can get us a better rate, they NEVER have. I don't know if Mo will ever see this, but you were a total rockstar yesterday. I sincerely thank you for everything!

Bailey Family


Bailey Family,

That you for your post and helping start our work week in such a positive note! It's wonderful to hear we are fulfilling our mission. I will be sure to share your comments with Mo and the management team. Thank YOU and your family for your 16 years of membership and loyalty. Have great week!