Paper Proof-of-Insurance and everything else online/virtual?

I've turned off paper delivery of virtually EVERYTHING except that I would still like to receive the old-school paper copies of the proof of insurance. Texas can be a stickler for this and as a result I still (yes, even in 2021 this is how it's done particularly in rural counties) carry a paper copy in the glovebox of each car and backups in my wallet. 


Part I:  Which option below for proof-of-insurance?


In setting up my Account Messaging options online under the heading of:



1. Auto & Property Statements

2. Other Auto & Property Documents


Question:  I can select paper or online for #1 and #2. Which one is the correct one that includes the 6-month proof-of-insurance? Option 1 Statements? Or Option 2 Other?



Part 2: Separate Proof of Insurance option from all other insurance documents for delivery option


Feature request to USAA: Consider further breaking down the options to just have proof of insurance delivery as it's own stand-alone option. I, and I suspect many others, don't want or need paper copies of the entire policy every 6 months or year, nor do we need the 'other' documents. 


If proof of insurance can be separated out so it can be left on 'paper' delivery - that would save paper and many of us could happily do without the extra documents as 'online' only.


Thanks for clarifying the question above and considering this feature request.





Hello @trhao, we appreciate you sharing this great idea and feature with us this morning.  I'd like the opportunity for you to showcase your idea to our team by going to  This site allows our USAA members to submit their own ideas/solutions in making app better.  Hope you get a chance to review it and submit your idea.  


I also wanted to share if needing a paper copy of your policy or ID card, our members still have the option to print out their documents to have a hard copy in hand.  Here is some instructions that guide you to printing your documents. 


Apple iPhone Users:  Open "View ID Card", click on the download feature located at the top right of the screen, Select the Apple iBooks  App to download and save as a PDF.   The iBooks app will automatically open for your to print out or email it to the desired location.  The document will stay in iBooks until deleted.  


Android Users:  Will need to go to "My Docs" via USAA mobile app and grab the auto ID card, then "view PDF".  On the right hand corner of the screen you will see 3 little dots, click and download.  The document will save to the "downloads" folder on the phone or you may save it onto the Google Drive.  


I hope either option assists you in downloading your ID cards for future use.  Please don't hesitate reaching back out to us if you encounter any issues.  Thank you again for your membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.