I was involved in a crash where an uninsured motorist was at fault. My dedcutible for uninsured motorist is 250 and I am still being charged the 500 because they haven't received the police report. How long does it take to receive a police report after the initial 10 days? its been 20 days. I reported it the day of. How and why and I still being charged the 250!?? This is absolutely ridiculous and as soon as my policy expires I will be leaving. 


@Upset2566, a police report can take quite some time for us to receive when a request has been submitted. We made the request through our system and on 6/21/2018, we were notified that the report was not yet available through our system. If you have a copy of the report, you are able to upload it to the USAA claims communication center and it will allow us to expedite the process. Thank you.