My family and I are PCSing this summer cross country for one year, then overseas for one year. We are currently in need of a bigger vehicle due to the birth of our daughter. Our current car is paid off, but is too small to go cross country. If we buy a bigger vehicle now, I'm afraid it will depreciate once we go overseas next summer. It seems best for us to sell our current car, and lease one for a year before going overseas. Or do we sell it and buy something for the same value (about $9k) and use it for a year, then store it for a year? Thanks for your help!


My suggestion to you is to sell your vehicle before or after the drive. If you have a legal dependent who can drive it you'll be paid double mileage. Also, when you lease a vehicle lease it with the intention of keeping it but do not pay down on it. When you receive orders sending you overseas you can back out of the lease no penalty and you will receive a lump payment of the occurred interest. I had this exact thing happen to me upon PCS and after only leasing a car for 9 months Ford bank ended up owing me a couple grand. I had paid into a GAP insurance and had every intention of keeping the car after leasing it but I was put on orders 4 months after signing. Obviously you should keep those details to yourself at the time of signing but also know you may end up not going overseas too. We all know how quickly things can change. Consider too the value of your current car sold where you are as opposed to where you are going cross country... carfax or an individual may find a rear wheel drive car in ice country less valuable and same with 4WD vs 2.... lots of ways to make it help or hurt your current wallet and your future credit. Good luck!