Insurance for a family is a joke..


Don't do accident forgiveness.  It is a waste of money. They will get their money. 


after 23 years.  I have got the exact same coverage on my truck with Geico and it is literally cheaper.  Usaa 908 a month to 303 with Geico.  I should had changed services sooner but I have that case of loyaty and comfort.  Nothing is comfortable about paying 12K a year!  Do not allow your teenager to get their DL and add them to USAA.  Do not have USAA with a teenager.  It is a rip off. Sorry not sorry...you suck USAA and in todays world loyalty doesn't matter the only thing that matters is money. 


I was just quoted more for their car insurance than what I am paying now.  I thought this was for veterans and families?  how the heck is it going to save me money.  I am staying with state farm.  thanks USAA for not giving better options.