Over Twenty Years. Not a single claim or violation --- rates increase over $200

I received a letter from USAA that framed an increase in my rate around an "incident". I called in to see what the incident was and it was just part of their formula that apparently hinges on my aging (I am 43 yrs old). 


I have been with USAA for over 20 years and not had a sincle claim or violation. I was loyal, I knew that USAA was on my side as a service member. It appears this has changed. 


Continue to shop for insurance as USAA is showing they are not different than other companies. I do always appreciate their great customer service and prompt response times, however, more of my money will now be going out of my wallet due to no fault of my own. USAA knows that service members are often creatures of habit and don't want to change their insurance carrier, they are exploiting that. 


I am saddened by the way USAA is changing. 


@unhappy 20 Yr cstmr, thank you for your trust in USAA for over 20 years.  I certainly understand your sadness and concerns about your recent renewal increases and I thank you for your clean driving record with no accidents and tickets.  While insurance premiums are influenced by our overall loss experience, they also reflect your individual driving record.  Members with accidents or tickets are paying higher rates than members like you who have clean driving records.  As the cost of repairing vehicles, medical bills and other components of insurance costs increase, the premium we charge our members must also increase.  Even though you haven't had any accidents or tickets, you share the risk with every other USAA policyholder. This sharing of the risk is the core principle of insurance, where risk is spread over a large body of drivers, thereby minimizing each individual's exposure to a major financial loss.  I appreciate your loyalty to USAA and if you like for us to review or answer any additional questions or concerns, please send me a Private Message so I may address them.  Again, thank you for your membership and trust and we always look forward to hearing from our members via phone, chat or through our social channels.  ~ Marco

In other words, Unhappy, you get to assume the risk and pay the price for the poor and distracted driving habits of others in the USAA Pool.  I've seen the same, despite aging (i.e. less valuable) vehicles and reduced driving mileage.  Shopping for insurance is no different than shopping for any other goods or services;  there's plenty of viable competition that merits insurance consumers' consideration.   And despite what they say, they all (USAA included) have their share of horror stories from policy-holders disappointed in their insurance experience.

Best to shop around.  USAA rates can easily be beaten by other companies.