My wife has had a policy with USAA since the fall of 1978, added me after we wed in early summer 1982.

Very few claims in that time, 3 no-fault accidents in the past year (including one expensive to fix, being rear ended), and Poof, she will have no car insurance. I'd venture to gues the premiums we paid, and never collected on, more than paid for the claim $s. Very disappointed.


@ Stafngrimr, 

Please know that it is never our intent for you to feel disappointed with our service.  I'd like to have your concerns reviewed further regarding your policy.  I've engaged a subject matter expert and requested that they reach out to you to address your concerns.  Please allow 1-2 business days for contact.   Thanks~Mike 

I am a broker that sells insurance and have USAA. All companies do this after so many accidents/claims and you're no longer an acceptable risk. This is why USAA's rates are so low. Any accident at fault or not means more frequent claims and she is no longer eligible. I know you're mad, but just switch companies and you can always come back after 3 years maybe. You will not find better out there, trust me I sell it all!

I have been with USAA for over 20 years. I have a clean driving record (no traffic tickets or accidents). USAA insurance premiums have risen along with my home owners insurance (no claims). So I began to search for other insurnace companies. I have found two compainies (Wawanesa and CostCo / IDS Property) that are cheaper then USAA with the same coverage. USAA for three of vehicles for 6 months is $1,658.38. IDS Property same coverage for 6 months is $1,076,61 and Wawnesa with same coverage for 6 months is $1,594.03. Not much of a difference between Wawnesa and USAA but IDS Property will save me $582.07. My home owners insurance has risen with USAA this year and I have already spoke with a representative already about this. IDS Property provides higher levels of coverage for my dwelling and was approximatley $250 higher in the premium for the year. Since the USAA rate increase for my home owners insurance there is not much of a gap. So there are cheaper car insurance premiums out there. 

HI EGrunt66. I am saddened to read that you are shopping around and that you are considering leaving USAA for another insurer. I see here that the other companies are offering you lower premiums which is a very important factor when shopping around for insurance. The company's financial strength, customer service, and claims satisfaction are three important factors you want to consider when shopping for insurance aside from price. USAA consistently ranks high on all three. We are always here if you would like to compare contracts or have any questions. feel free to chat with us on or call us at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you. -Nick

USAA's rates are low?  You have to be kidding.