I have been with USAA for MANY years. I have never thought twice about who to go with for auto and home coverage...UNTIL yesterday. I have another child who recently got her license. I logged into my online account only to find out you can NO lONGER send messages. You have to chat online. I logged in again today to start a chat to get a quote on my policy to see how much more I would have to pay for adding her. To make a longer story short...the online agent not only provided me a quote but she took it upon herself to add my daughter without me giving her permisson. My policy went up nearly $1,000 for adding her. I am seeing others who have the same issue with loyal members NOT getting the discounts they deserve. It looks like I will be shopping around and moving ALL our coverage elsewhere. NOT a big fan of USAA after reading these posts and the way I feel...RIPPED OFF!!!


Hi 93Supra! Your concerns are very important to us and I am going to forward this to a specialist for additional review. Once a review is complete, they will reach out to you directly. Thank you! -Marisa

I have been with USAA for over 15 years. I ran into the same problem. First, my rates have gradually increased every year for no real reason besides "there were more accidents in your area this year".  I have a pretty clean driving record with 3 claims with the company, two being not at fault, in my 15 years with them.


However, at this point i was paying roughly 330 a month for full coverage on 3 cars with a 250 deductable. My daughter finally got her license and I went to add her to my insurance. I did go into this expecting another rate increase, I admit that.


USAA gave me an offer of 520 a month. Really, 520 a month, a 190 dollar increase. We are talking about almost 6k extra a year. It was at this point that I shopped around. I ended up with GEICO, with the same coverages, with about a $50 increase from my previous USAA payments. More in line in what i was expecting the increase to be. 


After talking to USAA in order to cancel my insurance with them, the only thing they could offer was decreasing my coverages and/or dropping a vehicle.


Being in the Army still, USAA used to be the one company I would recomend to anybody in the service. I dont anymore. I feel like most people these days, in that USAA has no real upside with doing business with them. They are exactly like any other bank and insurance business. An overpriced on at that.

@beezy, It's never easy to hear that we've lost a members' business and I can understand your position. I truly hope that you will continue to check back with us and that we can be your auto insurance provider of choice again. Congratulations to your daughter on getting her driver's license. Thank you for your service and membership. We're always here to help with any questions or concerns you have anytime. ~ Shane

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