My wife and I applied for a new auto loan yesterday.  We were approved and chose 72 months.  We even commented about it as we click the 72 months.  We got a the car the same day.  Awesome service as with our 6 or 7 previous auto loans?  Nope!  I got the "adendum" today and it has 60 months!  


I called and they said we clicked on the 60 months, not 72.  I tried to escalate it, and they said we chose the 60 months.  I have been with USAA since * and had multiple car loas through USAA.  I guess this will be our last loan with USAA!


Note that we know they are having web problems - they told us when our kid's checking accounts disappeared from their online views.  It only had their savings.


Really!?! - I just clicked on Notify Me if someone comments on this post and got this error:


What happened?

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later, or for immediate assistance call us at * USAA *


USAA, what happened to your service!?!


Not Valued Customer, I can certainly understand your frustration and I want to look into this and ensure your concerns are appropriately addressed. I will be engaging the appropriate area to review and assist further. We appreciate your membership and the opportunity to address your concerns. ~ TC

Not Valued Customer, I have had a loan specialist review your concern and for privacy and security we will need you to contact us at 210-531-8722 to discuss the application. I appreciate your understanding. ~Michelle

Thank you for having faith in USAA once again!  I called the number and talked to Paris, who was very nice.  We got this issue taken care of quickly!

I'm happy to hear the issue was taken care of in a timely manner! Thank you for the update and thank YOU for your membership! -Cynthia

Checked the updated car buying service yesterday and was inundated with calls, texts and emails before I could look at car I chose. . Explained to dealers no longer interested and had 1 dealership rudely respond. Checked my FICO score and it’s down 10 points from 2 days ago on USAA website.

minags, thank you again for sharing your experience with us about the USAA Car Buying Service. I responded to your separate posting about this experience and we will be in contact with you when we've taken a closer look at what happened. -Marisa