Not repairing my vehicle to pre-wreck condition

Very disappointed with my service from USAA. I am a USAA member (insurance, 2 credit cards, 2 auto loans, and in process of a mortgage) and was recently hit by a USAA insured driver. Damaged my car and destroyed one of my wheels. They are no longer manufactured so USAA wants me to drive around with non-matching wheels because they dont want to replace them. That's like painting my fender a different color than the car. VERY disappointed. Always thought they were the best. Looks like they will be losing a near 20 year customer over $1000 if they dont decide to replace them. Having my car the way it was before I was hit is NOT too much to ask. And it had matching wheels. :(


@Nelson02, I responded to your initial post under the following link:  Thanks ~ Robert.