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I purchased our last car last month with USAA, bad mistake! Not only did they leave my child stranded in another state (long story)... now they have failed to draft the “auto payment”. I checked my account today and noticed the car payment was late. (It was due on Friday). When I spoke with an agent, she said it was because it was the weekend (it was due on Friday). I manually paid it as the agent could not tell me why it did not auto draft and then.. Hung Up. I will be refinancing with another bank (who actually want my business)!


Sorry to hear of your experience @Chris in AL, regarding your auto loan and have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area for review. We appreciate your patience during this review period and they will be contacting you once this has been completed. ~ Joseph

Now I find out they debit my account today twice for the car loan.. what is going on USAA?? Trying to make my good credit bad by saying my car payment was late (when it was on autodraft) then charging me twice for the payment.. NO SERVICE!!!

Your son was left stranded in another state and a member by the name of “Wifeofmobley” (who was pregnant and by herself in an evacuation zone in South Carolina as Hurricane Florence was approaching) left a post that she could not evacuate because USAA would not release the money to her that was wired to her, USAA told her she had to wait 3 days. Do a search on “Florence” and that post is at the top of the list. Let us all pray for those left stranded by USAA.

Simply awful!!