Not a total loss
I called USAA today to check on the status of the second shop estimate I personally sought after receiving a total loss judgement from the USAA preferred shop and was informed that the second estimate was rejected due to the repairs not being matched up to the first estimate and my car was still deemed a total loss.

As I've stated before, the original estimate from the USAA preferred shop included repairs for parts on my vehicle that are not even damaged. It is for this reason that the estimates are not going to match. The actual repairs needed for my car per the second shop come out to $2,943.00. Per the total loss threshold of South Carolina which is 75%, this would not result in a total loss judgement for my vehicle.

This second shop is not USAA preferred but is a local mechanic that has been in my community for generations and who I would trust to make a sound judgement and satisfactory repairs on my vehicle to return it to pre-accident condition.

I am formally requesting that an official USAA claims adjuster come out and physically evaluate my car. I vehemently disagree with the first shop's estimate and am severely disappointed in my customer service experience with USAA's total loss department so far. I have talked to several representatives who have been rude, cold, and unhelpful. In addition, not once have I been contacted by USAA throughout any part of this process, I have had to constantly call and email for updates and to find out how to proceed.

I expected more from this company and have been a loyal customer for years. At this point I do not feel protected by USAA, especially since there is no official appeal process and severely broken communication. I sincerely hope that someone can reach out to me and change my mind.


@Notatotalloss, I regret to hear that we have not meet your service needs.  I am happy to assist in escalating your concerns to a manager for further consideration in hopes of restoring your faith in our commitment to providing good customer service.  I was able to locate you account; please allow one business day for an auto claim manager to review your file and give you a call. - Ina

“Not a Total Loss”,

There is an official appeal process with real subject matter experts. See below.

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