When I turned 70 my rates went way up (USAA said all companies do this).  Member for 38 years and switched to Allstate for better coverage at lower price.  Found out when applying for insurance with Allstate that USAA had paid a lady $280 on a scam claim for incident several years prior. I had a 2 MPH bumper tap on a 20 year old honda whose bumper was obviously hit many times (8 cars lined up near bumper to bumper exiting a mall into a busy street when she just stopped in the middle of a mandatory right turn).  Exchanged insurance info, turns out she didn't have insurance and had not returned call to USAA on the matter. I explicitly told USAA that under no circumstance were they to pay on her claim without notifying me first.  I knew this was ascam from the beginning and I would have taken her to court before giving a dollar.   This year, 2019, thought I would give USAA another chance with home owners insurance.  USAA was going to cost $5000+ where three other companies ranged from $1700 to $2800.  Again, over 38 years with USAA, 3 home mortgages with insurance, no claims.  It bothers me to see families saying "We are XXX family and are USAA members for Life"  I notice thay all are still young enough to have children still home. 


@yumagunner, I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us and regret to hear that it was not a pleasant one. I have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate team for further review. Thank you. ~Danielle

I left USAA after 40 years with them for a substantial savings.  USAA is just not the company it once was.

I have an identical story. Now that I am 67 years old I see no advantages. It was beneficial when I was 23 years old. The rates were low for that high-risk bracket.  I will explore other companies. 



Hello @SASRN, I can see how how higher rates are disappointing and we would appreciate being able to review your policy. To best serve you, please connect with the USAA team via chat on USAA.com from the Contact USAA option or on our mobile app. I have noted your account for our insurance professionals to be aware of your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you. -Paula