My town was devastated by a tornado on 07.19.18 and my truck was severely damaged. I called USAA that afternoon and was told an adjuster from a contract company would contact me. The adjuster came out on the 23rd. and on the 25th. I called USAA to check the status of my claim and was told it was being evaluated and should be done in 2-5 more business days. My insurance will pay for a rental but there is not one available for another week. It sounds like it will be 2 weeks from the time I initiated the claim until USAA tells me what they are going to do with my vehicle. Meanwhile the insurance companies that came to the community immediatly following the tornado have already evaluated hundreds of cars and cut the owners checks. The contracted adjuster told me he only had 24 cars to look at for USAA. I am not at all impressed with the customer service from this company that advertises how well they treat their customers and how great their customer service is. I guess maybe I should look for a company with a local office instead of a large faceless company.


Hello @AFGLCM, thank you for participating in the Member Community. I am sorry to hear that you were affected by the recent tornado and I hope that you and your family are doing okay. I regret hearing you have not been provided with an update concerning your vehicle and have contacted a claims specialist to review this matter further.  Rest assured someone will be contacting you directly to address your concerns and to provide an update. ~Nekeysha

Thank you. I appreciate the quick response.