Recently there has been a hail storm in Colorado Springs with severe damages to over 8000 vehicles. My truck was one of those vehicles. I was one of 8400 that submitted a car claim the very day it happened. I was assured a rental car would be available to me by Thursday. The car was to be delivered to my house between 17:00 and 17:30, today 08/09/2018. 


When the car failed to be delivered and I called Enterprise, I was advised there may be a car available to me next Friday. 

My initial instinct was to call USAA to clear up what the issue was. However their offices have been closed since at least 17:30, although I called during office hours that the automated system assured was from 07:00 -  19:30 Mountain Time.


I recently had leg surgery on 08/07/2018 and am in severe pain. Having to deal with this, I am sorry to say, incompetence in addition to surgery is nerve racking. I have no transport to my post of duty come Monday and there are no rental cars available. Nobody has even contacted me about the issue in rental car availability. Why has USAA not advised me on Monday or Tuesday (08/06 - 08/07) that I should find my own transportation? Is this company not equipped to handle a crisis situation? This week has been especially taxing due to my health. I would like to think to at least be able to contact my insurance carrier at regular business hours during a time of personal crisis. 


I have read several other posts that describe similar issues.  I am very disappointed with the service. At least let me know where I can secure a rental car if your contractor cannot deliver. Calling companies from Colorado Springs up to Denver is exhausting.

At least other members were able to reach someone at the office to give them advice, I cannot even say that.


@ Murphy's law,

I am so sorry to hear that you were affected from the recent hail storm, and your frustration is understandable regarding securing a rental.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.  Thanks~Mike