Bent Pickle
So i wanted to refinance my truck. Got approved only it was for a new loan. Not refinance i was supposed to reapply for there screw up. They approve a new truck loan but won't raise my credit card limit? Pretty fishy stuff. There insurance is way out of norm. I have insurance on 3 cars for "there" price for 1. No money on purchase either. Paying off and quit USAA..BPD USMC


Hello Bent. We are sorry to hear that there were some concerns with the refinance you applied for. We would be happy to take a closer look for you at the refinance application if you have concerns that were not addressed when the application was submitted. Please provide us additional information on what ongoing concerns you may still be experiencing. You also mentioned that you were concerned because we would not raise your credit limit. Did you receive confirmation regarding the reason your credit card limit was not approved. Please know that secured credit such as a new auto loan vs unsecured debt with a credit card are assessed with different risk and limit controls in place. I will also have our insurance team specialist respond to your post to see what additional assistance we can offer. Thank you!