Gerry Hutchings

I would not recommend USAA to any one, I just received a call trying to convience me that one tired and its components went bad because I put 70,000 miles on it since they repaired it. Now the other three tires with sub-components have 287,000 miles on it and are still intact. I guess I drove on only one wheel for 70,000 miles. Its a shame how us americans can do such much work to not be liable for something, instead of finding a solution. I use to believe they practice good business but they don't and now they have develop that slime ball business mentality. So instead of them looking into the company that repaired my truck, they chose to keep that company on there list. So my advice is to do your homework these companies they recommend, because USAA has the same grease ball mentality as any other money hungry business. They sell insurance but don't value you are lives.