No credit life insurance offered by USAA for auto loans.


Dang, for as long as I can remember USAA offered credit life insurance for auto loans. Checked today and they no longer offered this product. How can that be, we the users paid for it, and in my case have paid plenty to not have my kids have to mess with a car payment if I checked out. So over many loans, out of the blue, not a peep to my knowlege, USAA cancels this product. I have everything, I mean everything financial with USAA, and have not strayed, well maybe its time to look elsewhere, and start checking other availble products, perhaps I'll be surprised, you never know.


@Hawk63, thank you for giving us the honor of serving your and your family for such a long time. I've forwarded your information to a subject matter expert for review, and we'll follow up with you soon. ~Holland

Hawk63 - I reviewed your information and see that you do have our Debt Protection plan on your active loans with USAA. While we no longer offer this as a new service, we will of course, honor any existing benefits under your active plans. I apologize for any confusion or frustration caused. - Jason