So my truck was set on fire by an arsonist on the 17th still no settelment when i call I get a voice mail when I post to claim center I get no reply when I do talk to somebody (other than my agent xxxx who does not return calls or messages ) I get some new information other than whats posted on claim center which is "we will follow up with you during normal business hrs" Ha!

so i left a message today at 9 am for a manager to contact me and of course they dont call me back! I currently have a rental car that according to the rental car agency is being canceld the 6th of this month as USAA had informed them so i am like WHAT! well thanks for letting me know that Enterprise first i have heard of it for the love of pete! so its been 2 wks and change, I just got settelment offer today which i am critiqing closely and getting another apraisal from somebody who I trust. Thank you to xxxx in the property insurance side for contacting the auto side and at least getting something done and for actually returning my call sorry for the rant when i thought you where the auto side. For what ever reason my property insurance is letting the auto insurance cover personal property so dont let the "did you know your property insurance will cover what your auto insurance doesent" give you any hope I am seriously diss apointed in USAA the mobile app they want to communicate through is useless cant wait for it all to end cant  say i will be staying with this dog a pony show  Legendary Services please 


@ Boned,

I truly apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you are experiencing with your claim.  I definitely want to have your concerns reviewed further, and I have contacted a manager in claims who will review your claim in closer detail then contact you to address your concerns. Thanks ~Mike

I wont hold my breath