So, I have been very happy with USAA's performance to date.  I have my home mortgage, all auto insurance, all of our primary checking and saving's accounts, boat and auto loan through them; however, I am VERY disappointed to find out this morning that USAA (nor ANY of their sister companies) will write me an insurance policy for the 2015 Ford F-450 that I have placed on order.  We will be using it for camping/hunting/fishing trips (w/ a truck camper)- nothing but personal, leisure use.


Anyone else have this problem?  What Insurance company did you ultimately find to write you a policy?


That is kind of strange since they offer (through another company) RV insurance and it is sort of an RV the way you use it.


If you can't get it insured through USAA  I'd go to an independent agent (they represent a number of companies and are not tied to one like a Prog or Alls.[you can't post whole ins co. names]  only agent is).  


You'll generally see the eagle and big I logo (like these) in their ads or on their signs.    I'm not a big fan of captive agents, or ones that only sell one company's insurance. 

Thanks 727, I thought it was strange as well. I've never utilized an independent agent... I will definitely check them out!