So many companies are claiming that they have relief for those facing financial hardship during this pandemic. USAA has unintentionally hurt me worse and offered no relief. I made my 3 month auto payment the day before my family suffered job/income loss. With requests for some assistance on lowering payments, the best that USAA could do was not going to help me keep my home and health insurance. Competitor was able to make a major impact so I had no choice. Now the refund will wait another month to post to credit card and then another month to post as credit due to billing cycles radically out of sync. No refund check available for me. In all of the years of service, I never asked for anything and was never late with payment. I feel kicked to the curb in the most vulnerable time of my life.


Yikes @Buck60 this certainly isn't how we want any member left to feel and or be treated. I will forward this for review to see how this happened and what we can do to make things right. - Ralph 

If this isn't how you want members treated why do I keep reading the same type of complaint every time I visit this forum.