Buyer Beware Alert    Nissan Leaf EV


I owned a 2012 Nissan Leaf that was 1.5 years old and all was pretty good for the first year.  At the end of one year I lost about 10% battery range which was still ok for city transportation.  I did call Nissan North America Consumer Affairs to report the issue and they basically could care less.  They stated the car is operatating correctly. 


At the 1.5 year mark during the cold winter I lost another 30-40% of battery range which means I could not drive past 35-40 miles in cold weather with the heater on.  I made several calls to Nissan NA Consumer Affairs and also had the car checked twice at dealership.  The Service Manager also did a long drive test and could not complete the test drive and had to return to dealership on access road instead of highway due to the fact it would not make return trip on highway.  This was done with the AC and heater in the off position.


The car has depreciated by thousands of dollars in which the current value is $7800 below loan value.   I would recommend to your friends and family not to buy a Nissan Leaf as the value is not up to par and book value is way below if you decide to trade it in. 


We have owned Toyota Prius in the past and on our third one.  I would see this as a much better choice for high MPG vehicle.






Forgot to mention that after the car was traded in at Ancira Nissan they said the car was going back on the used car lot.  I told them that that is ridiculous, I am having so many problems and now you want to pass that car to someone else.  Response was that is a used car.  Think the car went to auction after that.

SA Guy2014;


Interesting personal experience.


Seems you are NOT the only owner of a Nissan Leaf that has had problems with the car. You didn't state so, but I did find that some Nissan Leafs have had battery issues in hot weather.


That said, I am sure Nissan is working hard to address all issues and improve the Nissan Leaf product.


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Thanks for the heads up.