New Members - Please look elsewhere for insurance

I'm going to attempt to make this brief, but at least give an example at the kind of service you recieve here at USAA


I want to give any new members to USAA a HUGE fair warning about this company. And hopefully steer them away to better and cheaper alternatives out there.


I've had three auto accidents in the last three years, all of which I was not at fault (amazing luck I know.)


The first vehicle: 1978 Corvette was victim to a hit and run at a grocery store. Filed through USAA and also chose to repair it at a facility of their choice. Poor decision on my part. The damage that was "fixed" is already showing wear after just one year.


Vehicle two: 1988 Ford Ranger: Victim to getting backed into in a parking lot. This Ranger was redone bumper to bumper professionally to be a V8 drag racing truck. Valued at nearly 7 thousand dollars. USAA refused to send a professional to appraise the vehicle. The total loss paperwork sent had critical errors on every page. I had to settle out of court.


The most recent, vehicle three: 2017 Toyota Tundra, victim to being struck by a stolen vehicle during a police chase (Yes. That actually happened). Worst of all, I was on orders to PCS 10 days later. Filed through USAA, picked my own shop for repairs. The first appraiser sent by USAA, was removed from the property. The 2nd appraiser, APPRAISED THE WRONG TRUCK. The 3rd appraiser actually did his job. 


More than 30 days had elapsed before any work could be started on my vehicle. Any other service members will agree, we do NOT have the option to wait around for 30 days waiting for a car to be repaired. Nor can we take leave whenever we want to pick up a vehicle 1300+ miles away.


Did USAA tell me about the 2 failed appraisers? No. The maintenance shop did.

Did USAA attempt to help me in any form to retrieve my vehicle since I was in a new duty station? No.

Did USAA keep me informed on my vehicles condition? No.


For a company built upon being exclusive and the best for service members, and their families. I fail to see it at every turn. You pay the same or less for other providers, with the same insurance coverage. So please, change your insurance provider. USAA is a sad husk of its former self. It doesn't care about service members or their families. Just your money. So don't give it to them.




Thank you for your service, and this is certainly not the experience we want you to have when you file a claim with us.  I've engaged a subject matter expert and requested that they reach out to you to address your concerns.  Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike     

1.  The post was not brief.

2.  It begs the question for the reasons you're still here.  Please list.

I'm not. I cancelled my insurance days ago. I recieve zero services from USAA at this time.

I don't want people to pay for a "exclusive" service. They can save money elsewhere, and get the same garbage treatment with another insurer.

Service members specifically deserve more from USAA, as they're the very people who started and shaped this company.