New Jersey's Illegal Unconstitutional MVA & PIP Laws

Imagine getting into an auto accident you did not cause, and from which you suffered serious and permanent life-changing injuries, only to be subjected to more abuse after filing a lawsuit to protect your rights, along with being left financially ruined and broke, and owing thousands in medical bills from and accident you did not cause. Then think about how it would make you feel as a current or former military member or military family member to have your constitutional rights and other rights stripped from you, and you are traffiked through a legal and medical process so unbelievable, and all in the name of trying to prove your are lying about these serious injuries. Then imagine being told your case won't go to court, denying you your right to due process and a fair trial. Welcome to New Jersey!


New Jersey's motor vehicle accident (MVA) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) laws are egregious, illegal, and unconstitutional, and USAA needs to fight them on behalf of all USAA members living in New Jersey. I suffered very serious and permanent injuries after being rear-ended for the fourth time since moving to New Jersey with the military years ago, and after filing a lawsuit, I thought to protect my rights, I will never do it again. The entire MVA and PIP process in New Jersey is filled with fraud, greed, racketeering, kick-backs, and other violations that are leaving innocent NJ MVA victims, permanently physically and financially injured. In addition, USAA members' constitutional, human, HIPAA, and other rights are being violated. Innocent injured USAA MVA victims are being tafifiked trough a system that equals any other human traffiking ring, and most of not all their settlement monies are being eaten up by liens placed against their settlement, by all those who "feed" off victims settlements, after these victims are forced to pay a $1,200 PIP copay, and thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. I suffered severe and permanent injuries that have left me unable to return to my former career, and now I am learning I am being saddled with medical bills debt, because my attorneys did not take care of my PIP lien, because they felt the were losing money on my case. A case which should have gone to trial, but not in New Jersey. The entire MVA and PIP process is a "business" in New Jersey, and when I saw all that was happening, I was told "Your not dumb enough", and I was punished for fighting for my rights that we as a military family served our country to fight and protect the very rights I had violated. Now, I have no money for treatment for serious injuries that require treatments at a research hospital, but I can't get there because USAA will not pay me my lost past, current, and future wages, because I refuse to file a disabiliy claim, that would then take all my settlement money in liens by State disability and Medicare, include money for a "medicare escrow account", for future treatment, which I have no control over, and that Medicare takes when I am gone. In addtion, all the back money I would have received would be eaten up in other liens and fees, so just like my final settlment, I would have walked away with barely any money. MVA accident lawsuits in NJ are designed to punish the victim/plaintiff, who loses any and all rights, by way of illegal and unconstitutional laws. NJ PIP "pallative care" laws are leaving MVA victims suffering and with injuries that become permanent, including brain, spinal cord, and other serious injuries that require treatment in the first 3 to 6 months post accident. If you try to fight against the laws and process that equals human traffiking, you will be punished by all involved, denied due process by the courts, and you will be defamed by way of court records and medical documents with little notes and codes that tell another doctor your a problem, but you will never know it, unless you find the code.

If you try to seek assistance from USAA to report the abuses, you will not get any help, so don't bother. In fact, don't bother filing a MVA lawsuit in New Jersey, unless it is absolutely necessary, and only after you read the laws, if you can find them in a single location. If you read your auto insurance policy you will see a not of NJ statues quoted, but even then how they connect is still a mystery. Its like playing "shadow games".
If you are thinking a big payout, don't bother, especially if you were hit by an individual versus a commercial vehicle.

In summary, filing a MVA lawsuit is not worth it. All the benefits youve been paying high auto insurance premiums for are almost worthless post accident. There are caps on settlement amounts. It could financially ruin you and leave you owing medical bills, and you will be traffiked through a very illegal, unconstitutional, and egregious process that equals the most sophisticated human traffiking rings. You will be left injured due to New Jersey's "palliative care" laws, and you will be subjected to more legal abuse that I personally have ever known, or thought could legally happen, but then again it is New Jersey.

USAA is a MEMBER OWNED COMPANY, and as active duty and veteran military members and families, we have the right to demand that we be protected from illegal and unconstitutional state laws, and that USAA make sure our rights are protected. So, if you are living in New Jersey or another "no fault" state with illegal laws, it is time to stand up for the very constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms, we all served our country to preserve and protect. Please write or call USAA, your senators, congressmen, and others, and start fighting for the rights we all served to protect, before they are all gone and we are told "too bad, you were too busy to pay attention, and we already sold your rights away.


I went through a lawsuit in New Jersey, and after years of legal and other abuses, I reached out to USAA for help, only to be told they cannot speak to me. I need money for treatment at research hospital, and USAA is refusing to pay me lost past, current, and future wages, because I did not file a disability claim as part of my MVA. I could not file a disabililty claim, because I was self-employed, and because just like filing a MVA lawsuit in NJ filing a disability claim is "nothing about the injured victim". Disability claims are about lining the pockets of lawyers and others in New Jersey.


I summary, nothing about filing a MVA lawsuit and PIP claim is about the innocent injured victim. It is about greed. New Jersey has approximately one lawyer for every 9 NJ residents, which means a lot of "creativity" and illegal laws must be put in place so all get paid. So, don't bother trying to fight for your rights that you served your country to protect, because you don't have any when you file a MVA lawsuit in NJ, and no one cares, especailly those who you expect to pay you or your medical bills after an auto accident in New Jersey. In New Jersey you will pay high premiums for auto insurance benefits that are mostly worthless post-accident, because NJ laws make them worthless. How sad that USAA is not fighting these laws and demanding federal protection from state laws like New Jersey's MVA and PIP laws for all USAA members. 


@NJ_Consumer, thank you for expressing your concerns. I have notified our auto claims management team of your feedback and requested further assistance.  Please allow 1-3 business days for a member of our team to contact you. - Ina


Please delete all my posts except for the first one. The other messages are meant to be private. Why doesn't USAA have a delete feature for the public community, so that people can delete posts that are made by accident? Surely, USAA does not want members personal and private information exposed to the entire community. I received a quick response to my first posts but now no one is responding and deleting my other 4 posts. Please do so now, as their is information that should not be made public. 

Today is Day 3, and I still have not heard back from USAA about my medical bills, lost wages, and other MVA and PIP benefits. 



Unfortunately, USAA never called me back, and now I am being left to owe thousands of dollars in medical bills that I cannot affford to pay. Thanks "USAA....who "forgot what it means to serve".