Years ago, I purchased a new car and USAA was very helpful with the negotiation.   I am in the market to purchase a new vehicle now and I turned to USAA website for help.  It seems all USAA did is sell all my contact info to multiple dealers in the area.  Now, I am getting many unwanted calls, texts, emails from many dealers.  My question:  Does USAA still help with negotiation of a fair price or just give all my contact info to dealers and I am on my own?


Mike5235,Thank you for your post. When you use the Car buying service you are provided a price guarantee certificate through the various dealerships. The certificate is the negotiated price with the dealership. They, in turn, will contact you to see if you are ready to purchase the vehicle or if you have questions. Please note that USAA does not sell your information. During the process of locating the vehicle and obtaining the certificate, you are asked if your information can be shared with the authorized dealerships that provide the price guarantee. I hope this is helpful ~Michelle 


How can I find all new car dealers near my ZIP code?

@Bill - Lorna, That's a great question. The car buying service tool would not list the available dealers in your area. You would first have to select a specific vehicle and then the available dealers would be made available. - Ben