I was married last year and unfortunately it will end up being only for a short period of time. In March my wife alerted me that she would be leaving and it ripped out my heart completely. I lost over $30k in one year from my investment in the marriage, as I wanted her to achieve her dream job. Before she informed me of her choice, she went to the bank and took a considerable amount out of our joint account leaving m with all the bills. We had joined insurance polices after marriage at USAAs insistence in August of 2017. I always had access to the policy and could make changes to her and my coverage and vehicles, and received monthly billing emails, documents, etc. We remained on the same policy after she informed me as nothing was official hoping she would come around and split the monthly bill. We almost worked it out but she got cold feet again in September and left again. Apparently she contacted USAA at some point and the separation team altered my account because in October when I tried to get proof of insurance for my lien holder, I could no longer access any information on my account. They did this without so much as an email or notification on my account. They did this knowing that we were married (I have emails where account info was changed to married) and now separated (it says “divorced” in my information) while also knowing that I had switched insurance from a competitor at their urging. I contacted my wife to get the POI and finally after about two weeks she sent it to me and it was from August 18- February 19. I thought about switching but didn’t want to cause her more of a financial burden while there was still a glimmer of hope at reconciliation. Well fast forward to November the 4th, I had an accident rear ending another vehicle in a very unfortunate situation. I got out of the car and made sure they were okay and offered up all my info and we filed a report. The officer takes my info and everything went fine. Well, later on I ask my wife for some info and she says “I dropped you from the policy”. I was completely blindsided and called USAA who then told me I wasn’t dropped from coverage but the policy had lapsed due to no payment. I was floored again as my wife knows I would’ve taken care of the bill had I been notified but I wasn’t. USAA couldnt notify me of the late bill after having sent me payment reminders monthly over the last whole year? I asked if I could pay my wife’s late payment and have coverage reinstated but was told I needed to talk to the divorce team when they were in office. This first woman was very helpful and courteous even promising me not to worry because someone would help me as this just wasn’t right and USAA takes care of their members. So when I call the divorce team, the woman is completely dismissive tells me I’m on my own and they didn’t have to notify me even knowing the situation and all of the information. I was trying to do right by my wife and USAA until we got things closed up. I was a USAA customer from 2007-2012, 2017-2018 and my parents have been huge customers for probably 20 years and the one time I really need them they are turning their backs on me and hanging me out to dry. I just can’t get over the fact that I could make changes, add vehicles/drivers, make payments, and received email reminders for the bill with my name on it this whole past year, yet they never cared to let me know the bill was late or even worse, that my insurance coverage had been cancelled. Divorces are notoriously nasty situations and sometimes people do things to hurt the other one and I would assume things like his happen and they would take measures to prevent them. If they would’ve sent me one email, letter or called they would’ve been paid way before cancellation came up. I’ve never driven without insurance in my 10 years of driving (6 with usaa) but now am probably facing a license suspension, a civil suit, and financial ruin for a nonpayment that USAA and my wife didn’t inform me of and wouldnt allow me to bring current. They instead tested it as if I chose not to pay and was trying to reinstate coverage after the fact. All of this is on top of the financial destruction of the marriage and divorce. I always held UsAA in the highest regards of integrity, loyalty and customer service. Now they will lose my future business as well as two very large insurance and banking customers in my parents. I can’t even begin to explain how much this lets me down.


It seemsI’m not going to be getting any response. So disappointing.
It seems I’m not going to be getting any response. So disappointing.

@TNVol9109, Thank you for taking time out of your week to share your thoughts and very unfortunate experience with us. I'm forwarding your information and post to our Subject Matter Experts for further review and handling. They will be in touch with you. ~ Shane

I never heard back from anyone. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed being a usaa customer, so much so that I give them a plug at every chance i get, but this has brought that into question and raised a major red flag. I refuse to believe that USAA has slipped to this level of service and sub par customer protection. The company my family has trusted for 20+ yr doesn’t practice these types of business behaviors. I want to continue to believing in USAA and all you stand for, all I ask is that I’m given a fair shake. I will continue telling my story and climbing the operations ladder as long as it takes.