Got approved for a small used car loan. Found a car. Was told that since i got all my paperwork signed by 16:00, I'd receive the overnighted check by the next day. It's now 3 days late and i don't even know if the dealership still has the car. Thanks USAA, thanks for nothing. I've been with you for 10 years and even told a few people about you, but now I'm telling everyone to go to Navy Fed. They care, they're nice, and they get stuff done. Also, if you're approved, they'll cut you a check within an hour. Now, that's service.


Oh no, 1119b. This is definitely not the way we like our members to feel. I regret the delay in getting this completed for you. I've located your info, and have sent a request for research on this. I'll follow up with you as soon as I have some information to share. - Cathleen

Wow... How long does this "research" take? I still haven't heard from anyone. Are you walking from San Antonio to Dallas to certify your already "certified " dealer? It's been over a week. This is highly unacceptable. Y'all have g9ne downhill fast.