I Do Not Recommend USAA car buying service. It is a scam being they allow their representatives to lie about information just to close on a deal. I had the worst experience purchasing a new car with their car buying service...which I love the car but didn't need the poor customer service from USAA. Horrible service with lots of misleading information, I do not recommend!


 Thanks for posting, JSky. This certainly isn't the way we want our members to feel. I've sent a request to a colleague to have this handled and reviewed appropriately. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen

Had the same lousy experience with the car buying service, and to make matters worse it was after an awful experience with USAA insurance where I'd been driving a car that should've been declared totaled months before, USAA's direct repair shop painted over my ABS sensors and didn't straighten my truck's frame correctly, they could've killed me. And it only got worse from there. These guys are going down hill, I have horror stories galore about USAA in just about every division of the company. I've asked to speak to the CEO several times but the only thing they understand is litigation, so that's what you have to do, and even then it's not a sure thing that they'll straighten up. Unreal, almost a decade offiibg business with them and it's always me in total drill sergeant mode to get my products or coverage to act right. Car buying service included. They may want to undo this forum thing because I can't keep my mouth shut any longer.
We had 2 wonderful experience while car shopping and getting a loan through USAA. My daughter totaled my car and they helped her get a jeep. 8 months later, my husband's car was totaled. USAA was wonderful in helping us secure a new vehicle at a very low interest rate. I have been with USAA over 13 years. I love USAA and I'm never leaving them

I'm with Rochelle.  Just bought a car last week with car buying service, went great all in one day and got the car for less than the USAAA member price listed.  I had an accident about 4 years ago and everything was covered and went well.  I had terrible experiences with other banks prior to switching to USAA years ago (including class action lawsuits), my insurances have been cheaper and better than other companies I used in the past.  I even switched my homeowners insurance this week and have more coverage for $35 less a month than my previous insurer.  I can honestly say that I have never even had a bad experience with calling customer service.  Whatever institutions are doing better, I would like to know about them, because I can certainly provide a list of ones that are worse.

We certainly thank you for taking the time to share your personal experiences with our products and services. We hope we never let you down and continue to earn your business for life. Take care! - Darrell