Neighbors continue to hit my vehicle with their football - Do I have recourse against THEIR insurance company if vehicle damaged?

My neighbors keep practicing football and hitting my truck in my driveway. I've verbally asked them to move where they practice, and I've warned them by email that I have video recordings when motion is detected near my truck. I have no intention of filing claims with USAA, but I don't want my vehicle damaged. If they do damage it, what do I do? They are otherwise very nice people, but they don't seem to have any concerns about my vehicle.


Hi @Motto, You would need to give us a call if your vehicle is damaged and the adjuster will be bale to determine if a claim can be filed against their homeowners insurance as a result of the damage. 

Thank you! I did not realize that a claim could potentially be filed against THEIR homehowner's insurance and with USAA's help! I am hoping to continue to politely and thoughtfully appeal to their better judgement such that filing a claim against their insurance is not necessary. So far, they have not damaged the vehicle, and they have shifted where they practice so that the truck is not generally getting directly hit as it was previously. I have video monitoring around our home anyway, and will keep looking for activity. If I do detect damage, I will keep evidence, too. Again, thank you!
Tell the property owner in writing the next time it happens you will :
1 call the police
2 file a small claims court suit
Then follow through.