I have had it and need to speak with upper management ASAP. Please call me immediately to discuss as our car has been in Vegas while we live in Cali for over 2 months. Your insurance company has not replaced the person Jorge on my claim even though I’ve asked over 20 times, and due to his negligence, your office continues to deny a collision claim even thogh I have written approval from where the car was sent, that it was due to the impact of the accident WRITTEN OUT! And your associate is now saying you denied because of tire treat, even though that has absolutely nothing to do with it. Your company was supposed to take care of this and 2.5 months later where are we at? I need executive management ASAP, and going to cancel all our products with you; as this is the worst service I have ever got !!!!


Hi @Qtba2t13, I understand you are frustrated about your claim and we will involve our CEO member relations team to give you a call. Please allow 1-2 business days for them to review your claim details before giving you a call about a possible resolution. Thank you.