Loose my car in an accident, my USAA insurance allowed a week rental car  to be able to find a new car. Trusting

USAA recomendations web in certify dealers, I end up at NIssan of San Marcos. Purchased a Rouge 16 now in re-call and at that time I was also  looking for another car for my daughter the sales man Moreno recomended a usesd Yuke. This car had no sticker and he push me to sing, with bunch of lies. Has been a nightmare, came out of there with any documents, when asked for they gave me all this explanations, but no copy of the contract. I didnt Know exactly what I signed. The car was sold AS IS.  Sales person Moreno never inform me it was "AS IS" . The car didn't had a sticker on the window and they full me making me belive that they will be sure to arrange anything in the car that it need it making it look as new with no compromises.i found out the contrary when I went to pick up the car and refused to keep it ( the smell inside told me something was wrong) They told me I was "screwed" I had signed. I was forced to keep it, sold the car for $17,800.00 and this car had been on a flood and didn't worth anything. Car fax said worth $ 11,000.00 for sale and this is with no damage.

Car I never saw in person, never driven, never took out of the lot. Complaint and pleed with BBB and the manager

O'connor  from San Marcos he played his part well and lie, about taking the car back.giving me money back.Looked good on paper,but on the very next day I saw the car on my home's driveway with the keys inside (they were sure I was not at home, but at work)

To start it was hard to trade this Yuke, no agency wanted it for the price I paid on the trade. I knew it was unsave for my daughter to drive. So Ancira traded since I had been their repeat customer.

 This cost me a  total loss over 10,000.00 between the trade and purchase a new car for my daughter. The new Versa SL was only $ 15,000.00 do the numbers.

I trust the " Certify Dealers" from the Web at USAA, No body knows anything, no one takes responsability. False advertising. USAA takes sales comission, from the dealers and the loan created on the sale, but why under this circumstances?

I am a single parent, and hard to make the money in this days for me. I loose my car on the accident, my daughter ( not her fault) got injured, and the pressure to purchase something in a week made me of course an easy pray, but why? is worth to steal? the money will last than? taking advantage of others.

If there is feith, is a God that all is seen and  filters trough his hands, and justice will pevail ( Romans 8). We are forgetting the principles in which this country came about. Integrity, and the love for God and obey His Statues.

Mr O'connor will keep my money in his dirty dealings, but loose more at the end.




Harry Potter, Thanks for posting in Community.  Our goal is to assist you with a hassle-free, convenient car buying experience and it sounds like that goal was not entirely met.  We have escalated your concerns and will be following up with you to discuss this matter.