Chief MAA
As a Disabled Veteran I fell into hard times and was forced to file bankruptcy. Before that I tried to ask for help but USAA said NO! Since the filing USAA has treated me like pur garbage, rude associates always getting different information. Then to top it off they just let the 50K vehicle just sit in front of my house. Even there so call CEO office has horrible service and will call you to show concern but you will never get through. Now being forced to move because of the bankruptcy the car just sits and being forced to share this embarrassing issue with neighbors because I have to move and the MBZ remains sitting. NFCU was so understanding and accommodating plus they have REAL BANKS where you can go into. Please I beg you NEVER use this company, they have caused this Disabled Veteran enormous amount of agony and embarrassment.


Chief MAA, thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns. I was able to locate your information and confirmed your concerns have been forwarded to the appropriate team for review. Please be assured you will be contacted once we've had an opportunity to review this matter further.

I went through the same thing after involuntary separation in the form of a medical retirement. I was treated less that a cockroach by USAA because I had to file bankruptcy. I lost everything including my home, luckily I got married and moved in with my spouse which saved me more embarrassment and saved my kids from being homeless. I lost banking privileges. I remember being in difficulties and calling to explaine my situation. The once nice and helpful representatives became mean and nasty and was left feeling worthless. Thanks USAA for taking the the last shred of dignity from me. I didn’t medically discharge myself, the army did. I had to wait until they paid me. You treat your members that is facing difficulties less than human.

This isn't good to hear Poor beyond help as we never want our member to feel this way no matter what the issue is. I will have someone look into this for you and see how we can help. - Ralph