My first total loss with USAA has been a complete NIGHTMARE!


USAA has always been praised for it's customer service, but after the past few weeks I think they owe me an employee paycheck. My vehicle was in an accident and totalled 18 days ago, and here I am on my butt with no rental, and no check. And I completely blame a lack of cummunication and customer service by USAA. I have spent more time calling, and following up to make sure that the babies at USAA are doing their job. And to my surprise they have not been. When I showed up for my assestment after the accidend at the scheduled time my vehicle could not be located because USAA never completed the tow so I waisted a trip to the collision center. Then I got put into a rental which wasnt even half of my vehicle. I figured I would suck it up and be thankful. Days go by and nobody calls me to tell me the status of my vehicle. When I take it upon myself to call almost 5 days later the automated system lets me know that my vehicle is totaled. I then have to argue back and forth with USAA about the price of my vehicle for 5/6 phone calls where a bunch of adjusters who are clueless to the features of my vehicles pretended to be professionals in auto assestment. After the assestment being off by almost 7 plus k and arguing back and forth they finally got my assestment right and let me know I needed to get my power of attourney sent in.  They also stated I had to empty my items from the vehicle and asked if I could drop the rental back in a week. After sending the power of attourney and getting my things from the totaled vehicle I waited 3 days and recieved no information about my payout. When I called USAA stated they could not find the POA which i sent via fedex per there request, after arguing the USAA representative told me that it was probably just in transit and would be there soon. Now it is Monday and the POA form still has not arrived. USAA is telling me my rental is due back and I am SOL on my payoff until they recieve the form. I am appauled ath the way you help your customers, and the lack of responsibility when you drop the ball. If you account for the trips back and forth and phone calls I have had to make because of your agents you would see how finding a vehicle in 5/6 days while working full time could be a bit impractical. I highly doubt USAA cares at all being that I have called several times stating that I am sore and nobody cared to note it. I hope I am asked to review this experience in a more formal setting, because it has been an utter joke. 


@CruzitoNJ, I hate to hear of your experience so far with your auto claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert to review. Please allow them 2-3 business days to be able to reach out to you.

Demand that the leadership at the top be replaced or you will take your business elsewhere.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
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Federal Trade Commission / Military Task Force
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The FTC launched a web page highlighting the work of the agency’s new Military Task Force, which is aimed at identifying the needs of military consumers and developing initiatives to empower servicemembers, veterans, and their families, including through law enforcement actions. The Military Task Force, comprised of a cross-section of agency representatives, is part of the FTC’s ongoing and collaborative effort to provide resources for the military community.