I’m writing to you about my situation, that happen to me with USAA. I have been very proud Member for over 14 years until today



I cosign for a loan for my daughter, and she didn’t pay her 147.00-dollar car payment. I found out yesterday from my Daughter the car was repossessed.  call your Loan department yesterday about the account  and they told me her account was over 120 day late.


Being a second on her loan with an account set-up to pay on this loan if needed.  I never was notified about the account being late.  You have all of my info: Home Address, Phone number, email and no one contacted me before the situation got to this point.


I didn’t get a call, I didn’t get an email, or regular mail on the situation, I talk with one of you manager’s, who told me it was posted to my USAA account but nothing was there.


Everyone who I talk to give me a different excuse on what they did, i was told i didn’t update my address but the address on the title is my home address.


So now I have pay 7000 dollars out of my savings because, I wasn’t notified as the cosigner on a loan for 147 dollars monthly. payment


I’m a disable Vet, with a limited Income who Trusted that USAA had my back. This really hurt me and my family , This is wrong.








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Hello @ABLEWIS, I understand your concerns with this situation. I have escalated this to a subject matter expert for review. Colleen

@ABLEWIS, keep us posted on the outcome. Seems drastic for a few months behind. Seems also that you should have been contacted as a co-signer, as this affects your credit as well.