I agree with you! I am looking for alternatives for my automobile and homeowners insurance. I moved my checking and savings away a few years ago after they gave away all of the money in my checking account. While they reimbursed me, I went after the criminal. I (with the help of a local Maryland police force) caught the criminal (when they signed for the FEDEX check made out to me).  USAA refused to press charges. Thye also refused to tell me how this happened. I lost confidence intheir ability to safeguard my funds. I have been a member for 39 years! I had an accident in April. While I was at fault, there were no points accessed on my license and the ticket was dismissed. My insurance was doubled at renewal. When I called to ask what could be done, the answer was "Nothing". They had to go by what the underwriters decided, or at least that's what I told. I was told that every other insurance would also see the accident (which I had no problem owning) and my rates would be similar. They lied. Not only are my rates closer to my present pre-accident USAA rates, but when I bundle my homeowners insurance, I will save at least $500 a year! This is with more than one insurer. Once upon a time, we were valued "members" with USAA. Now, I'm not sure if we're even valued "customers". We are a source of income. When we cease to be that...it will cost. I would literally have paid more for my accident by staying with USAA for 3 years than they paid out. THIRTY NINE YEARS FOLKS...go shop around. USAA is hype. They are living off their prior reputations.


@4thtimesacharm I do see your frustrations. I see your previous conversation and am forwarding this along as well. We do value your 39 years of membership and thank you for your patience as this is looked into.- Meredith

I agree with your experience as well. I have seen similar outcomes though different situations. I am moving out of USAA in every way possible. I as well found my 39+ years worth 0. I have advised my adult children to not continue with the same company which has collected my assets without safeguarding or building my assets. 

Who did you go with?